Monitor Your Kids’ Cell Phone Usage with StealthGenie


The stealthgenie spy app available for monitoring iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and other tablet computers is popular among parents who want to monitor the activities of their kids on these devices.

While these are powerful devices and provide a high level of convenience, they can also be used for mischief, misdeeds, and to cover the tracks of wrongdoings. This is where StealthGenie spy software provides the solutions when it comes to monitoring kids.

Why Parents Want to Monitor Their Kids

Kids might be upset if they knew their parents were monitoring their iPhone, iPad, Android cell phone, or other tablet computer with StealthGenie spy software.

But as a parent, you know why you want to monitor your kids. It is for these reasons:

  • Safety
  • Friends
  • What they focus on
  • How they communicate
  • Where they go
  • Who is lurking
  • Looking after their smart devices

There could be other reasons as well but these are the main ones. The monitoring app provides the solutions for all of these concerns.

Keeping Safe in the Online World

gpsKeeping safe in the online world comprises of such matters as knowing who is lurking and what your kids are sharing with them. There are online predators lurking to find unsuspecting teenagers ready to meet new friends online through instant messenger (IM) and social networking venues.

With StealthGenie, because you get the full text of all message exchanges you can see with whom your kids are communicating and intervene when your instinct tells you that they are in danger.

Many teenagers also like to show off too much when in the online world. For example, they like to push the envelope by taking self-shots of themselves in various stages of undress for nothing but a laugh.

However, predators look for this behavior and might try to gain access to your teenager. With StealthGenie, you can see the photos and videos they take on their devices and post on forums such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Seeing these as a parent gives you a teaching opportunity about safe practices and not posting this sort of image.

Although technically not part of the online world, every parent knows the importance of knowing their kids’ whereabouts. Where your kid is now could be the result of an online chat where a stranger arranged to meet.

With StealthGenie GPS tracking you can pinpoint where they are at and in spite of what they tell you otherwise on the phone.

Promoting the Right Friends

Parents want to promote the right friends for their kids to associate with. However, it is difficult to know who those friends are without some way monitor these activities.

With StealthGenie, you can find out who their friends are because the app will allow you to view the contacts file on the target phone. Thus, you can discern those friends you know from those whom you don’t and query your child to find out more about the unknown names and numbers.

Guiding Your Kids’ Focus

StealthGenie has hooks into the smart device’s web browser and reports where your child has been when on it.

Just the names of the URLs will tell you where his focus is. If he is browsing websites containing mature or violent content then this creates an opportunity to guide him into appropriate web browsing.

Teaching the Proper Way to Communicate

Another reason for monitoring your kids’ activities on smart devices with StealthGenie is so that you can teach or guide them in the proper protocols for email, SMS, and IM chats. In other words, you don’t want the messages they send to be filled with obscenities, cyber-bullying expressions, and other abusive communications.

For this reason, StealthGenie has hooks into a long list of apps where text messages are exchanged to include SMS, email, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, iMessage (for iOS devices), and Instagram. You see all of the text and can guide your child as to what is and what is not appropriate.

When It Gets Lost or Stolen

It is no surprise that kids can be careless with their expensive smart devices thus opening the door to loss or theft. StealthGenie understands this as well and its features provide you with action that you can take should this occur.

With StealthGenie, not only can you get the current GPS location of the smart device through an SMS command but you can also lock/unlock the target device and even uninstall the spy app and all remotely.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Monitoring Your Kids

The bottom line is that when a parent gives their child a smart device it is no small event. They give them with the intent that their kids will use them for keeping in touch plus use them to help in school.

These smart devices can also be used for diversion in the way of games, videos, social networking, and more but parents do not want those activities to get out of hand.

This is why StealthGenie cell phone spy software is a must-have for parents to monitor the activities of their kids on smart devices. The best way to get started is to install the software on their smart device before you hand it over. Order StealthGenie and get off to a good start right away.